Paarl Heights



In 2019 Boutinot celebrated its 25th vintage in the Cape. Over the intervening years the Paarl region has become a shrinking resource of increasingly fine, old-vine material, and has recently endured the worst droughts the Cape has seen in the last 100 years, giving lower yields year on year, and yet with that an increase in quality and texture.

The sheer quality of Paarl that first attracted Boutinot to generate the brand Paarl Heights in the first place has never been truer than today.

Paarl Heights Sauvignon Blanc

Paarl Heights Chenin Blanc

Paarl Heights Chardonnay

Paarl Heights Rose

Paarl Heights Droe Rooi

Paarl Heights Merlot

Paarl Heights Shiraz

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