Meet the Producer

In a quiet corner of southern Burgundy, a granite-strewn vineyard sits over a clutch of deserted buildings. Stonemasons’ marks, carved long ago still speak of these buildings’ forgotten history. One of these, etched into the base of the oldest pillar reads “GEИETIE 1700”. This carving in particular spoke to us, so GEИETIE became the estate’s name.

Alongside the Maison, a small cellar of painted concrete cuveés waits, wineless, for something to do. The property needs an abundance of love and time to rebuild it but embodies an immediate renewal of purpose in an enclave of Burgundy. We have finally put down our own Burgundian roots in GEИETIE and planted our own tiny block of Chardonnay on some exceptional soil, but our true purpose is to magnify other growers, in collaborative expressions of St Veran, Macon’s varied villages and the broader climats of Burgundy itself.

GENETIE Bourgogne Blanc 'Illuminé' AOP

GENETIE Mâcon-Charnay-lès-Mâcon 'Les Piliers'

GENETIE Bourgogne Noir 'Illuminé' AOP

GENETIE St Veran La Rencontre

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