Meet the Producer

Wildeberg (‘wild mountain’) is so named due to the wild nature of the place. Untameable, natural beauty and rugged terrain make it challenging, but greatly rewarding, too. Formally an equestrian farm, the land has never been planted under vine before, but this wild and magical mountain with its indefinable energy just pulls us.

The fact that only 10% of the property itself can be planted underlines the untamed character of this place. We let the mountain guide us by working with nature, the soil science and topography to determine which cultivars to grow on this land, and soon our newly planted vines will herald a new chapter in Wildeberg’s wine-making story.

Wildeberg acts as a prism to which good things come and from which great things flow; our kitchen to blend ingredients foraged from the wider Cape. It is our lookout for our view over the Western Cape, simply an inspirational home to grow and craft great South African wines.

Wildeberg White, Wine of Origin Franschhoek

Wildeberg Red, Wine of Origin Franschhoek

Wildeberg Terroirs Sauvignon Blanc, W.O. Stellenbosch

Wildeberg Terroirs Chenin Blanc, W.O. Paarl

Coterie by Wildeberg Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

Coterie by Wildeberg Cabernet Franc Malbec

Wild House Chenin Blanc, Wine of Origin Coastal Region

Wild House Shiraz, Wine of Origin Coastal Region

Wildeberg "Meteorique" Blanc des Blancs MCC, Coastal Region

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